Using The Snapshot - For SSAT Users

SSAT TakersFor those schools that utilize the SSAT in their admission process, The Snapshot will be a seamless addition.  Families who register their students to take the SSAT will automatically receive an email inviting them to provide access for their students to take The Snapshot. This requires that they electronically sign a consent form as well as an integrity statement.  The student will then see a link on her/his account to take The Snapshot.  Students must also agree to abide by an integrity statement prior to taking The Snapshot.  

The Snapshot may then be taken by the student via their student account in the comfort of their home (or in a location of their choosing with internet access).  The Snapshot is not permitted to be given at schools, and is not available on mobile devices.

View the Snapshot registration process step by step.

The Snapshot is untimed but takes approximately 25 minutes to complete in one sitting.

Snapshot reports will be available on parent/guardian SSAT accounts, and parents/guardians can send reports directly to schools, just as they do with SSAT reports.  Reports are available approximately two weeks from the date of Snapshot completion.